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Our escort services ae particularly focused on the demanding gentlemen of the upper social class.
Our charming and attractive
high-class escort ladies meet the high demands of our clients and solely frequent places with a first-class ambience.
These prices are for guidance only. Each model provides its own rates.
The rate varies according to the lady you choose and the area you are located in. The models fettered in this website charge between 200 euro to 500 euro per hour. Their rates are listed on the profile page of each model.

We also have beautiful ladies that are available but are only profiled in the Member area this for personal reasons. This is no way means that she is not attractive. Its simply means that she values her privacy.
We accept following credit cards
Internet Merchant Accounts -
Extra 5% handling fee
The rates do not include travel expenses! If your escort lady has a long way travel (by plane or car), a reservation deposit of the agreed rate is payable for the escort service in order to make sure that you keep the date with your desired lady.


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