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Not only do we provide gorgeous women at Amour Agency, also have a wealth of information and extras on our website. Don't worry if you are unfamiliar with the city; there is a Amsterdam and Brussels Guide with advice about hotels, bars and clubs in Holland.

We also have a host of erotic stories to set your pulse racing, dating ideas and health tips, plus much more. Everything that a modern gentleman could possibly need! You can see specific locations and read testimonials from other customers & Browse the pages of our website to find out what we have to offer. We don't know of any other Amsterdam escorts agencies that offer this many extras!

I define myself as a gay man but I think I might be straight...

Q I had my first gay relationship at 18 and, although I have never felt entirely comfortable with the gay “scene”, I do define myself as a gay man. Recently, however, I have been working with a woman to whom I have become very close and I think I may be physically attracted to her. At the office party we kissed and something definitely stirred in me, but maybe it is just wishful thinking. I think some part of me would like to be straight, to marry and have children, but can a person who is gay ever be happy in a heterosexual relationship? Please help. I’m totally confused.

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