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The ultimate guide to Orgasm for women

The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women is a complete look at how, where, and what makes a woman orgasm. It is written by Mikaya Heart with a forward by Violet Blue. It is divided into 11 easy to read subjected chapters and includes the un-editied words from real women about. The book is honest and lays everything out, good and bad. I found myself in more than a few places and I am delighted to find I am not alone.

The premise for this book is that orgasms can be elusive for some women, and easy for others. Each woman seems to have her own definition of orgasm and what actually triggers it for her. Not every woman can orgasm through penetration alone. Mikaya Heart is a lesbian. She gives both the hetero and homosexual points of view and she does it by letting the woman speak for themselves. She interviews 26 woman and 3 men for this book and she includes quotes directly from her online survey and from some of her friends. The book doesn’t give detailed instructions about how-to achieving an orgasm, she does include a handy reference guide in her book though. Her book highlights the “types” or “varieties” of orgasm by woman and it does so in an easy to read format.

The book also has an Appendix about Safer Sex and an extensive Appendix of Resources divided into sections including: Sex Education and Information, Videos Toys Books and Supplies, Sex Related Websites, LGBT Resources, Sexuality Workshops, and Recommended Reading. Also included is the original 41 question questionnaire that she used for research.
I enjoyed this book. The writing stayed on subject for 90% of the book. She almost lost me there in a few places when she started talking about spirituality and meditation. I am so glad I hung-in-there for the “good” stuff though. What this is, is one of the most extensive, honest resources about orgasm to date. She goes through almost every single aspect of what works and what doesn’t for some women. She lets the survey responses speak for themselves, and what we get is an honest look at a woman trying to describe her own orgasm and what triggers it. I was very impressed with the layout and the research that went into putting this book together. There are also some illustrations included.
I learned a few new things by reading this book. I found the lesbian point-of-view refreshing for the most part and I didn’t feel the author merely represented that side of the story. I also have to admit I had to skip the parts about sexuality in childhood. I am a big fan of Nancy Friday and have already dealt with alot of my childhood scars, I have no interest in re-hashing all those feelings. It is good that she touched on it since the amount of women who get through childhood sexually unscathed is small. This is not set up at all like a Nancy Friday book, full of fantasies and small blubs about psychological aspects. Mikaya shares her opinion and her research without casting judgement or putting titles on anything. I enjoyed this book wholeheartedly, and I think it will help alot of women. In this book you will find new ideas about orgasm and why you may not be so different in your ways at all.
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The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women